Friday, May 1

My Journey Here Begins When...


Eventhough my internet connection is really slow this moment, and i think it's not only here, but probably entire Egypt, I still want to write this. I can't focus on my study eventhough i didn't even cover the Upper Limb. Muahhaha.

The thing is, today the result for the application of UPU had comes out. And I've a younger sister, Nur Madihah (Not NIK NOR MADIHAH, ok? hwahwahawa) or Achik, who has just got her application result. And, guess what? She got the offer to study in Matriculation of Human Science, at IIUM. Photobucket~Owh, it's quite dissapointed to not being able to make a call, my celcom prepaid balance is not enough to make the call (erk.. i just called home yesterday till the credit finished..muahha) and the internet is really slow, so, do top up for me sis!

First and foremost, before I wrote any longer, ALHAMDULILLAH wa ALHAMDULILLAH wa NALHAMDULILLAHI RABBIL 3AlAMEEN.. 3ala nia3mihi hazha.. and I want to congratulate her and my parents, and also to me, of course... For taking much time of thinking and surveying what should be put into her list of application.Photobucket Sincerely, I took a longer time to filled up her application form compared to of my own. ~serve me right, being offered a course that I dislike~

I think it is much easier for her, having that offer and another offer from the Maktab that she might probably get (melihatkan kpd banyak sgt kabel yg ingin membantu), because both the offers are,.. just... would suite her in any case.

As in my case, the "Offering Season" from Matriculation Center, UPU, Maktab and so on, was a really tough days,helm-bingung and my mom still remember how I cried.. helm-nangismuahha.. because I can't decide where to go, Matriculation Center or IIUM, and I quit from STAM. To make it worse the unknown date and delayed announcemet of offer from JPA. (JPA sila awalkan pengumuman,, sian kami pening~)Photobucket

I got the offer from:
  1. Matriculation Center in Kedah, somewhere named, Changlok.. I guess.. Can't remember~
  2. Centre for Foundation Studies, International Islamic University of Malaysia, in Law Course. (The 8th choice!!! Hadeih~ Menyesal aku isi byk2..)
And one interview from Maktab for Program Penghantaran Pelajar Cemerlang ke Luar Negara (I guess~).. And I have even prepared one essay for this interview, which at the end, I gaved it to MissHazzi and one of my mom's student.

The registration day for the Matriculation Center is about one month earlier than the CFFS of IIUM.

My mom was like trying any ways she can to change the course offered by IIUM.

My dad said, don't think of possibility to change the course, just choose between the Course of Law or Matriculation Center. And go for the interview by the Maktab.

My mom, was like... erk... excited to go to Kedah, as she had never visited Kedah.. Hahaha.. Ummi sungguh lucu~ My younger brothers, Faqih and Fathi were the same.. Even have told their teachers that they are not coming to school..going to Kedah..

Ummi and Abi, don't encourage me to take the Law Course. Abi said, most of the students in Law field end up as officer, not as lawyer. Furthermore, it is not suitable for females.

Ummi said, Kak Sa (my cousin) could be the simplest example. :D

And for me, in the schooling days, I've make up an idea that, I should not take the course that focused on the study of something non-related to HIM. Hehe.. To make this statement clear, I decided that it is a waste of time to study something build up by human, like the Civil Law, which is "created" by human being. It is different to study in Science Field, learning about HIS Creation, or in the Religious Field, learning HIS Orders. Directly about HIM! To know HIS GREATNESS.

One day before the Registration Day at Matriculation Center, JPA annouced the result. But, there are network problem that JPA's website can't be accessed. Huh, Dugaan~

My dad gave me the dead hour.. Ngehs23.. If I want to go to Kedah, tell him before 5 p.m., we will depart to Kedah that night. And I was like in some kind of silent. helm-ngejoprakDont want to talk, lantak la apa nak jadi~ haha..

At last, around 12 a.m., after being like frustrated to wait any longer in front of the PC, I get into the kitchen, do some "home-works". At 1 p.m., Suhailah text me to inform that the web is now accessable. And, the highest praise is to ALLAH, i got the offer from JPA. That's the end of the story, Ummi and Abi, of course, do decided for me to choose the offer from JPA, although I was in some kind of doubtness, if I really want to take medical course. The day after that, JPA confirmed my place in Egypt. That's how it ends, opss.. That's how my new journey begin.

No chance of turning back, Cairo University, here I am.helm-joged1

Rejecting offer from IIUM was hard too. I think IIUM is among the best university, and might be even better than Cairo U. When this SMS reach me:
RM0.50 900115-03x10x SPM/SETARAF : TAHNIAH Anda berjaya ke UIAM. Kursus Y0600 ASASI UNDANG-UNDANG.
I was, shocked! I put this course in my list as Izzah said, "Awak kena ambik bidang bahasa.. Law sesuai la ngan awak"Photobucket.

She added: "Kalau course Law kat UIA tuh, tahun lepas, dalam 300 orang ditawarkan, ada sorang je yang tolak."

Then, when telling friends of mine about this, they will say, that suites you! Hurm.. Let by gones be by gones~helm-geleng

For my sis, I think it's better to accept the offer from IIUM. There are a lot of Maahadians there, involving in a wide range of dakwah and tarbiah programme, just join their activity, and InsyaALLAH you are going to be safe from the Social Problem, the biggest problem in the IPT nowadays.

In Maktab, to heard from Fazlinda, I can't be sure of the "safety"Photobucket. ;)


  1. maira..tahniah la atas kjayaan adik awk..twrn kt pn x dpt twrn ari 2..huhu..last kli wt rayuan uia,tp dpt LAW kt last2 mktb gak destinasi sy..
    urm..bndsrkn ap y sy knl awk..awk memg ssuai sgt ambik law tau..nk tahu knape???hehhe..

  2. is this,
    my story, from u?

    meh nk writing pasal temuduga plop.

    mula2 malas,
    ngamok etek..

  3. @ anon:
    hehe,., i could guess who you are.., fazlinda right?

    rezeki awak kat situ la tuh... takper la,, kan dah bertemu dia di sana.. ehek~ ^-^

    eh2.. nak tau2.. pape pun.. there is no turning back,. muahhaa..

    @ madicik:
    you think?
    do write, faz wants to read.

  4. wooo.. terernye dia... wooo...
    Law? hehe.. takyah susah2... nanti dapat gak Law... Sister in-Law, mother in-law.. the hehehe..

    Law ni ikut keadaan negara..kalo negara kucar boleh banyak client la..hehe.. law ni ramai indian monopoly... sbb semulajadi india cakap banyak dan merapu pun manyak hehe... kapal singh contohnya.. hehe

  5. @ tetamu:
    muahhaha,, eh, dpt law tu tak susah ke?? hurm..

    terer?? apa yg terer???? musyekil~

    anyway, thanks sbb ingatkan balik pasal kaum india yg monopoli bidang guaman dan kehakiman di negara kita. Inilah sbnrnya antara sebab saya syg nk tolak tawaran buat law.

    Entahlah, mgkn tak kisah sgt bab client and incomes, tp yg penting, ummat Islam prlu menguasai bidang2 utama dlm negara.

    karpal singh cthnya, blh dan telah menimbulkan plbgi spekulasi pasal Islam sbgi agama rasmi dan ttg mahkamah syariah. mcm2 lg, trmasuklah dialog antara agama anjuran majlis peguam. huh~

  6. the place is named changlon, not changlok ukhti :)

  7. Salah gak..huhu.. Bukan Changlon..tapi Changloon, Kedah.. The hehehe.. <--macam bekkap je mwahaha.

  8. @ kak insyirah:
    anak kedah datang membela.. huhu. thank akak, seriously tak ingat.. muahaha.. sbb tak letak dlm choices pun kmk tuh.. hehe

    @ tetamu:
    thanks for 2nd correction.. bekkap jer la, tak kesah pun~

  9. mabruq madihah. sy tumpang gmbira sbb dia dpt upu. sy tak dpt lg :((
    kak humaira doakan saya ye

  10. Time kak humairah pening2 dulu (b4 JPA announcement), Ummi kak oyak, ALLAH itu adil.

    Percayalah dgn keadilan ALLAH, insyaALLAH ada yg trbaik buatmu. :)

    btw, Asiah dpt brp eh SPM?

  11. Amien..

    refer ayat 216 surah al-baqarah..
    sy sokmo ingt ayat tu time down..
    sebab fikir Allah saje yg tahu ape yg terbaik utk kite...


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